High School Democrats of America

Farewell President Obama

Thank you for eight years of progress.

WASHINGTON – High School Democrats of America (HSDA) National Communications Director Andrew Peng and Press Director Joshua Dantzler released the following statement on President Obama’s eight years in office:

President Obama inherited a nation filled with fear and uneasiness – one on the brink of economic catastrophe, with soaring unemployment and a costly toll from two foreign wars. He faced roadblocks and challenges at every turn, enduring attacks on his religion, his citizenship, his character.

But over the eight years of his presidency, Barack Obama never faltered. He challenged us to mobilize and organize, and energized the next generation of Democratic activists. He fought for the voiceless, inspired countless Americans, and carried himself with grace. And he told us to believe. Not in his ability to bring about change – but in ours.

Thank you for standing up for marriage equality, for repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and for strengthening protections for women and minorities.

Thank you for extending health insurance to 20 million of our fellow citizens, for steering the nation through a recession and cutting unemployment in half.

Thank you for working to move America towards clean energy, for saving the auto industry, and for reminding us that this exceptional country is strengthened – not destroyed – by immigrants.

Thank you for asking us to reject fear and hatred, for being a role model that all of us can emulate.

Thank you for  your decency, your thoughtfulness, and your integrity..

Thank you for being our president.


High School Democrats of America (HSDA) is an independent youth advocacy group and is not affiliated with the Democratic National Committee or the Young Democrats of America. For more information about the organization, please visit www.hsdems.org.