The national staff

Talat Aman- Advocacy Director

The Advocacy Director works under the Programs Director and helps with HSDA’s lobbying efforts at the national level. They also help to provide states with legislative advocacy opportunities and resources.

Talat Aman is a junior at Wakefield Memorial High School that has been dedicated to fostering youth involvement in politics. As a chapter leader and member of the Massachusetts High School Democrats, Talat has been at the forefront of getting students involved in politics through means of campaigns, voter registration, volunteering, and much more. As an intern for United States Senator Elizabeth Warren this past August, Talat has also worked hard to serve the constituents of the state of Massachusetts, and has recognized the necessity for youth involvement in not only politics, but activism as well. Talat hopes to keep working hard at getting students involved in various forms- from voting, to being a part of elections- because the future is theirs and they will be the ones that choose it.
Fun fact:
Talat once accidentally emailed his Senator asking for a ride to a Democratic State Committee Meeting!