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Washington, D.C.

Where the next generation of Democratic leaders are made

Q: What is HSDA Strategic Summit (aka #HSDASummit)?

A: Held in either June or July, #HSDASummit is the High School Democrats of America’s annual conference. Progressive students from across the country gather in the heart of the nation’s capital for five days of trainings, including appearances from a wide range of guest speakers and visits to several notable D.C. sites.

Q: When and where is Summit held?

A: #HSDASummit 2017 is on June 25th-June 29th in Washington, DC.

Q: How much does Summit cost?

A: Summit tuition is $450. This covers all meals, transportation, and housing for four nights (please note that students are responsible for their transportation to and from D.C.).  A limited number of scholarships are available for eligible students. Additionally, HSDA will host an attendee conference call detailing effective fundraising strategies. Accepted applicants must make all payments and turn in documents by our established time frames, or risk losing their spot.

Q: Who will be speaking?

A: While HSDA leadership is still finalizing speakers and trainings, previous speakers include Martin O’Malley, Senator Chris Murphy, and Senator Joe Donnelly. We will also be hearing from leaders in the Democratic National Committee and from progressive organizations headquartered in D.C. such as NARAL, HRC, Generation Progress, and the National Educators Association.

Q: Who will be supervising Summit?

A: While HSDA is 100% student run, our conference is chaperoned by no more than a 10-to-1, attendee-to-mentor ratio.

Q: Where will we be staying?

A: Students will be staying at Thurston Hall at The George Washington University. Thurston is extremely secure, with 24 hour front desk security. No students are to leave Thurston without a mentor.

Q: What’s the best way to get Summit updates?

A: To get the latest announcements and updates, make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds (and join our Facebook event). Follow the hashtag #HSDASummit as well.

Q: I have more questions, who can I contact?

A: For summit-related questions, please email HSDA Executive Vice Chair Ana Little-Sana, alittlesana@hsdems.org, or Programs Director Emma Turner, eturner@hsdems.org

Q: I completed my Summit application. When can I expect to hear back?

A: We hope to release decisions one week after the 2/20th deadline. More information will be made available shortly.

Q: I was waitlisted. What does this mean?

A: Due to the limited number of spots, we will have to waitlist several qualified students. If you have any questions about your Summit status, please email Ana Little-Sana alittlesana@hsdems.org

Q: What happens if I submit my application after the deadline?

Late applicants will be placed at the bottom of our waitlist and will not be eligible for financial aid.